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Our school is served by a team of hard-working and dedicated staff members, both teaching and non-teaching, each of whom is qualified and experienced in their individual fields.

Mrs Blankley

Mrs Blankley

Mrs Palmer
Mrs Palmer
Deputy Head

Mrs Allerton

Mrs Gamble

Miss Darnley
Miss Darnley
Year 1

Miss Miller
Year 2

Mrs Wakelam
Year 3

Mr Leese
Year 4

Mr Newton
Mr Newton
Year 5

Miss Thomson
Year 6

Miss Cook
 Clerical Assistant/Finance

Mrs Atkinson
School Secretary

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Corbett (Y6)

Mrs Dubberley (Y5)

Mrs Seddon (Y4)

Miss Brooks (Y3/4)

Mrs Bushnell (Y3)

Mrs Deavall (Y1)

Mrs Harris (Y2)

Ms Mitchell (Y1)

Mrs Aston (Reception)

Mrs Bird (Reception)

Mrs Yates (Nursery)

Mrs Bennett (Nursery)

Miss Bickley (Nursery)

Mrs Davies-Ratcliffe (Nursery)

Mrs Hayes (Nursery)

Mrs Bak (Ducklings)

Miss Gallier (Ducklings)

Site Technician

Mr Blankley