School Clubs

Chancel Primary School offers a  variety of extra-curricular clubs both organised by the school and outside agencies.

These clubs are on offer for both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.

Chancel Primary School ClubsChancel Primary School seeks to develop children’s musical talent, and offers a wide range of instrument lessons and performances throughout the year.

ChoirImage result for choir children

Do you like singing? Because if you do, then you could join the choir. Every Wednesday Mrs Harris and Mrs Bird run a club for us to sing songs of our choice. Every other year, the choir attend a very exciting concert called Young Voices. We all get to wear special t-shirts and there is usually a celebrity guest! We also enjoy showing off our singing talents at other school events and in assemblies.

– Written by Abi

Homework Club

Homework club is an opportunity to work with my friends and get extra help from the teachers. The time flies by.

–  Written by Cameron

Art ClubImage result for art clipart

Art club is really fun. We always get to be creative and I really like that we can take all of our work home.

–  Written by Harry