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Our school is served by a team of hard-working and dedicated staff members, both teaching and non-teaching, each of whom is qualified and experienced in their individual fields.

Teaching Staff

Mrs Blankley
Mrs Blankley

Mrs Allerton

Mrs Gamble

Miss Miller
Year 1

Miss Darnley
Miss Darnley
Year 2

Miss Thomson
Year 3

Mrs Palmer
Mrs Palmer
Year 4 (Deputy)

Mr Leese
Year 5​

Mr Newton
Mr Newton
Year 6

Miss Foley
 Office Support Manager

Miss Cook
 Clerical Assistant/Finance

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Upton (Y4)

Mrs Bushnell (Y1)

Mrs Harris (Y5)

Mrs Holcroft (Nursery)

Mrs Yates (Nursery)

Mrs Kirkwood (Reception)

Mrs Corbett (Y6)

Mrs Seddon (Y4)

Mrs Aston (Reception)

Mrs Dubberley (Y3)

Ms Mitchell (Y2)

Mrs Bird (Reception)

Mrs Deavall (Y2)

Miss Gallier (Ducklings)

Mrs Bak (Ducklings)

Mrs Walker (Ducklings)

Mrs Bennett (Nursery)

Mrs Holcroft (Nursery)

Site Technician

Mr Blankley